Testimonianza sull'Africa del Sud

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E-1 Shall we bow our heads while we remain standing, just for a word of prayer.
Our kind heavenly Father, as our voices has been ringing out, "Lord, I Believe," we're thinking of the day that when that when the man with the epileptic boy came to You, and he said, "Lord, I believe; help Thou my unbelief." And we pray that same prayer tonight, Father, that we believe, and we pray that You'll help our unbelief. Let our hearts be open tonight and ready to receive whatever You'd have for us in store for this night. And may we have a wonderful blessing tonight, because we're standing under expectations, believing that You're going to do it. Because we ask You to do it in the Name of Your Son, Jesus, Who said that He would grant whatever we ask in His Name. Amen.

E-2 The Lord bless you, my dear friends. It's a great privilege to be in Saint Nicholas Arena in New York City here, to minister to you dear people in the Name of our loving Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ.
And I was thinking tonight as on the road over, of how a person that I very seldom get to mention anything about, and that's Sister Brown, and Brother Berg, of the Glad Tidings Tabernacle. I haven't even no more than just about shook their hands with them a few moments one day, and they're... To me they have been people who haven't never pushed themselves to anything; they're very humble and quiet, nice people.
I will never forget how dear that Brother Berg looked to me when I got back from Africa the last time, see him standing out there waiting for me, sure thrilled my heart. We went out and had a nice hamburger together. They sure taste good for the first time for a long time. And I kinda hope that he comes back again this time.

E-3 You know that they... You know, you've heard the old saying, "It's great to be American. That's more than a saying; that's the truth. It really is. It's--it's wonderful to be an America. That's the reason sometimes I think the evangelist and so forth, hammer away at sin; they just hate to see it creeping in our lovely nation. I think of Plymouth Rock and how our forefathers fought for this freedom of religion. And today to see what would they do, those old ministers back in those days, to see the way things are going. That we--we need a real good old fashion nationwide Holy Ghost-sent revival to shake this nation. We really do. Without that I'm--I'm afraid we're going to perish, friends.
And I--I love my country. Oh, I love my country. I--I wasn't in any of the wars. The first one, I was too young; the last one, they wouldn't take me, because being a minister, they just put me in 4-D. And I didn't perhaps, have education enough to qualify as a chaplain, and they never called me. My brothers went. Several of them's hurt. Some of them's laying wounded up yet today from it.

E-4 And I was in France and Germany, I probably walked over the grave of a many dead Branham. And if come my time to die for this nation, I'd be glad to do it. If there's anything to keep freedom rolling. If it isn't worth living for, dying for, then get out of it. That's right. So then it's the greatest nation in the world. It's always great to come back home.
But the other nations, that if we visit now, friends, we feel that they are greatly in need of this wonderful outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
Not long ago in Africa when I seen the people when they taken the native and brought him in out of his natural tribe, give him a little education, he become very hard fellow to get along with. Brought the sins of his tribe, plus what the white man had, and he was a three-fold worse child of the devil then he was to begin with. Sometimes they even have to keep them out of their compounds after it gets along three, four o'clock in the afternoon, they'd kill you.

E-5 But they're not that way in the tribe. You know what I think they need? They don't need education; they need Jesus Christ. That's what. You bring them in, teach them reading, writing, and arithmetic, they're better off in their primitive condition. Especially, I tell you one thing, we found less social diseases among the natives in their primitive condition, than we did them who were educated.
They got laws in their tribes. If a young girl, someone... One certain tribe there that, if a young girl is not married by the time she's a certain age, she has to take off tribal paint. And before she's married, she's tested for her virgincy; she has to tell if it's, she's been ruined, she has to tell who marred her, and they're both put up together and killed at the same time. We ought to have something like that around this country. That's right. It's true, friend. Then we talk about the heathen, I just wonder who is the heathen.

E-6 Now, in the services tomorrow night, I've been asked this. If... I wondered... Coming back to America, you--you'll notice that in the magazines and so forth, some has already put it out... That coming back to America this time, God willing to bring me back, well, I want to come to have a different type of meeting. It's always been to... People has said to me, "Brother Branham, we bring our loved ones; we go meeting after meeting; we never get prayed for, and so forth. And we go home. Thousands return back, never prayed for. Come in and stay couple days, our money runs out; we have to go home. Why is it you don't pray for the people?"
If you'd just look at the files... I've got a little shed back in behind where the office is at Jeffersonville, that's packed full of letters of that type, thousands of them from around the nation. They say, "We want you to pray for us. That's what we're here for. We want you to pray for us."

E-7 Well, and then you once start and won't let one come through the line, you see the discernment, find out. Then the next thing you know, if the next one comes through and you just pray for him, he feels like he's not even been prayed for, he has to come back again. So there's only one... And I can't split it up. I tried it night after night, to try it. Brother Baxter, the other night, perhaps listening to me now out there, he said, "Brother Branham, I believe it can be done." He said, "We walk the platform as soon as the anointing strikes you and It starts, I'll pull you right out if it and start shoving the people through." You can't do it. No, sir, it'll catch the person just as soon as It comes then. You can't... You either have to be altogether on one side, or altogether on the other side. It's either a gift in use, or it's not in use.
It isn't a preacher standing up preaching and then singing something else, and doing something else. If he's preaching, he's got to keep him message going right on. You know that, ministers. That's right. And you can't do it.

E-8 Coming back, I am asking the Lord, if He will just let me, for a few months, see if it's His will, for me to do it. I want to read the vision to you tonight of going overseas also. And if He will let me when I come back, just have about six months to a year, of just setting up the meetings, preaching the service, making my own altar call, bringing the people up, let them get saved and filled with God's Spirit, then have a prayer line, just praying for the sick.
Now, when I met the Angel of the Lord, or when He met me, rather, we were together, He said that I was to pray for sick people. That was my message: "Pray for the sick." Many of you heard the story. It's written here in the book. And I said, "Well, I--I'm a illiterate type of person, and I live with my people which is poor. And I..."
He told me about going to different parts of the world and everything, and praying for kings and potentates and so forth. I could not understand that, with a seventh grade education. And He said, "As--as the prophet Moses was given two signs for a vindication, so would be given me one. I took the people by the hand and just hold their hand, my left hand, their right, and just keep humble." And you'd notice the reaction of it on my hand. And then It would tell the person what was wrong with them. Many of you remember when that was just, only that was taking place.

E-9 Then He said, "If you'll be sincere and reverent," was on conditions, "that then it would be told you, they'll tell you the very secrets of their hearts and the thing..." That's what I was there trying to find out about. Then He referred back to the Scriptures and told me where it was.
The first time it was that way for about four or five years. Brother Baxter and I was standing at Queen Cities and Regina, Saskatchewan, and a lady come to the platform. I seen her coming down out of a little red house. Couldn't get back up on account of her back. And that's when it first started, and from then on it's went.

E-10 Now, people rally for the phenomenal. That's right. But I'm some times... Now, it isn't clear in my mind yet, whether that should be that way or not. Now, for about ten years around the world, in every case, and everywhere, God has confirmed that to be the truth. I've stood before witch doctors, demons, smart, shrewd people, that tried to falsify and everything else, but never one time but what God has overrode everything and come out victorious, proving Himself to be right.
This picture right here of the Angel of Lord, was one great a vindication of it. The first story in this book, that maniac that run out to take my life on the platform, was another story of it. How many times could I say, in Sweden, in Norway, and through England, and down into Africa amongst the witch doctors... And you think you don't get into them, my, they get so hideous sometimes. They take a human skull and drink blood out of it. Throw theirself into spasms and everything, and carry on, bones work in their hair, and doing all kind of enchantments. And you believe there's a real devil? You go down in there one time and you'll find out whether there's a real devil or not.

E-11 The devil worships... See how they absolutely do all kinds of things. Just like all these other things you see around New York here, you see a lot of it right here. You don't have to go to Africa to find it; you find it right along here in New York. And they do all kinds of enchantments and so forth like that.
India, they say is worse than that. So I--I know I've got to face it, friends, in India. And it'll be just there like it is anywhere else. I never sent myself, He sent me. And I'm not responsible; He's responsible. And it's His ministry, not mine. So I never fear or take a thought. I just do what He tells me do, stand there when anything happens; He always brings it out.

E-12 Many... It was right down here perhaps that night at Windsor, Ontario, I believe it was. Well, that minister come to the platform under another name, act like he was sick, come up there and had something... He thought it was mental telepathy, that some of the ushers, or someone picked up the prayer cards and read it to me, mental telepathy, like you'd read sins and everything that they'd done, and where they'd been and everything from a prayer card. And then those things just foretold years and weeks and months...
And I... anywhere you want to... You know my address. There's never been one time that It's ever failed to be perfect, just the way it says. 'Cause It can't be nothing else; it's just God. See? Not your brother, I'm a long ways from being perfect. But He is perfect. That's right. He is perfect; I'm not.

E-13 And the man standing on the platform a saying, like that, said, "I am... come up," nice looking fellow. I was so weak I just caught his hand first to see; I said, "Well, you don't have any diseases."
Said, "Oh, yes I do."
I said, "Well, I don't, sure don't believe you have, sir."
He said, "Oh, yes, I have."
And I said, "Well, you might've had, but you don't have now."
He said, "Oh, look on my prayer card down there. I've got TB, cancer." And oh, I forget what all it was.
I said, "Well, you--you might've had it, but you don't have it now." I said, "Maybe your faith just rose up to a place that you were healed in the audience."
So he turned around and stuck his hands in his pockets, said, "That's it, is it?"

E-14 I thought, "What's going on?" And just real weak, they was fixing to take me from the platform. I thought, "Well, what's this?" And I looked around. And after while, then it broke to a vision. And I seen him setting at a table with another man. And they were setting. And a woman was standing there with a dotted dress on. And there was a green thing hanging over the table, like this. And they had made up together that it was mental telepathy, and they was going to prove it from the platform. And that was revealed and told him who he was and what church he belonged to.

E-15 Brother, I said, "Now, the things that you put on the plat--on your prayer card, is on you. You have it now." That was right. He fell down, grabbed a hold of my pants leg. I said, "Sir, that's between you and God, not me." I said, "That's between you and God."
Far as I know, the man's in eternity today, dead. See? Now, you can't play church. You're not dealing with some little petty something; you're talking to Almighty God, so you got to be reverent and sincere. If I should stand here for the--till this time tomorrow afternoon, ex... reciting, pledge, instance, like that, it would never like cover it. Why, it could be an encyclopedia of books wrote on what I have seen the Lord Jesus do. No wonder He said, "The things that I do shall you, and greater," more of it shall you do.

E-16 Talking to the church... It's a thing, friend, we're--we're living in the day of the Lord Jesus, just before His return. And now, many times in this though, I do think that I have robbed many of the people of not praying for them. It's a prayer of faith shall save the sick. God said so: The prayer of faith shall save the sick, and God shall raise them up. Not I will raise them up; God will raise them up.
And I think now for ten years, the world over, except in the extreme Orient, east, it has been proven over the world. And watch what He tells you. Whatever He tells you, you believe that just what it is. It's going to happen just the way He tells you it is. If you got--if you kinda little bit in doubt, get one of the recorders here, they can pick it up on a recordings and tell you what it is, just exactly what is. Watch what He says now. You may here me talking, but when you hear It move and say, "THUS SAITH THE LORD," remember, that's God then; it's not me anymore. See? It's--it's Him.

E-17 There was a lady here some time ago, two of them, come through a prayer line. One of them had a serious stomach trouble, and It told her, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're going to be well." Now, how would I... I never had no bit more to do with saying that then I've got, know what I'm going to say day after tomorrow, if I live. See? That--that's Him saying it.
And then, the next lady come through, she had a growth on her neck, and it was again swiftly, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, it's going to leave you." And so she went on believing it. The lady, she thought, "Well, I can go home and eat." So she went home and started to eat, and she got so sick she couldn't hardly stand up. Day after day she tried to hold up her faith and saying, "I believe it anyhow. I believe it."

E-18 Then it got to a place to where she'd just get so sick she'd just vomit and everything. It was a ulcerated stomach: very bad. So maybe six or eight weeks... I forget what she said; it was a long time afterwards. Well, Brother Baxter was in the meeting when it happened. And she went on, and she wrote a letter in. I done been home on a couple more trips, and she said, "Why, Brother Branham, I chased it back on the tape; it said, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're healed.'"
Well, I never even answered, 'cause I knew that if It said that, it's got to happen. And I told them, marked them, and I said, "Now, watch that woman, you'll hear from her again; she just don't understand."

E-19 If you don't come to the afternoon meeting and hear Brother Baxter and them explain what--how demons work and how demonology work in growths and things like that, and how when it goes out... If faith takes it out, unbelief will bring it back, resurrect it. When the unclean spirit's gone out of the man, he walks in dry places, returns again with seven other devils worse than he was. Is that right? You have to understand those things. If you don't, why, you're just like coming somewhere for something you don't know what you're coming after. Then I think the longer meetings is going to help us that way.
Now, the next thing, this woman, she... One morning the children had gone to school, and she was standing, washing the dishes. And all at once she said, "Something just felt so cool and sweet about her; she felt that there was just Something near. And immediately after it she got hungry. So she picked up a little piece of toast the children had left and started eating, nibbling on this toast; it didn't bother her. Usually makes her real sick. Then some of the children had left some oats, and so she started eating those oats. It didn't make her sick. So then she really had a gastronomical jubilee; she drinking a cup of coffee, and eat a fried egg, or something like that. She felt fine. No results at all from it," ill results.

E-20 Down the street she goes to tell her neighbor, way down the street that, about the knot on her--had the knot on her neck; she said she was going down to tell her, said, "She was just feeling fine and eating." A couple of hours had passed, she was just feeling fine, getting hungry again.
And then when she got down there, she heard something screaming and carrying on. She run in the house, she thought, "Wonder what's the matter?" She run in there, and her neighbor was just walking the floor shouting; the knot had just left her throat. And they got to... Then they called me and come to a meeting and asked. "Why," I said, "certainly, when God has said anything, He's under obligation to take care of that. And that Angel of God had just passed through the neighborhood confirming the Word which He'd spoke by God." See?

E-21 How many knows that Daniel, one time the Angel of the Lord couldn't get to Daniel for twenty-one days. Wasn't that right, twenty-one days before it? Just hold on, what He says that's true. Take God at His Word and just believe Him with...
Now, this here is God's first and initial way of speaking to all men, through His Word. Is that right? If He'd speak something through me something, it would only be secondarily. That's right. This is to you as to a nation. That would be to a person.
My wife's setting back there, knows of a little case just recently, just before we... By the way, just before we come over this last time to Africa... Oh, many times it happens in this manner. Or...

E-22 There was a lady down in New Albany. I'd went down to a Methodist preacher friend of mine. We was both raised same part of the country in Kentucky, and we went down to see, to have a little meeting. He said, "I promise you won't have to pray for anybody, Brother Branham, if you just come down and preach for us one night."
Well, we did, little Methodist church, and it hold about five hundred people. And they was all on the outside. And I made the altar call and had the people lay their hands against the windows and so forth. They had to take me down to the basement to take me out. And he said, "Brother Branham, I told you I wouldn't have you pray for--for any person," but said, "one of my Sunday school teachers," said, "she's just about gone, a neurotic." And said, "She's been this way about ten years." And said, "She's standing out at the steps." Said, "You just lay your hands on her as you pass by, is all I ask."
And I said, "All right, sir."

E-23 Passed by, I was expecting, way he explained it to me, to see somebody in a strait jacket, and he said how bad she was. But a lovely looking little woman about thirty-three years old, thirty-five, standing there, normally looking... I said, "How do you do?"
And she said, "How do you do?"
I said, "This the patient?"
He said, "Yes."
"Oh," I said, "I was expecting to see somebody really, really, bad."
She said, "Brother Branham, you just don't know how bad I am."
And I said, "Well, what's the matter, sis?"
She said, "I don't know. I believe I'm walking on top the world; it's going to burst any time, and I'm, oh, like that." She said, "I just can't move from the house 'less somebody goes with me." Nervous...
I said, "Well, the Lord bless you, my sister," offered prayer, walked on away from her.

E-24 So then, went out about three or four days after that, I... Wife and I were down in New Albany, and we met that little woman, two woman with her, and oh, she was real bad again. She said, "No better, Brother Branham."
Well, she had been to all the healing services, that they'd taken her. She'd went place after place, place after place, no relief. So after coming back, and this same vision that's here, speak of in a moment... I was in the room and the Angel of the Lord came into the room. My wife's said, "Let me call that little woman from New Albany, if I can think of who it was." A nurse lives next door to her was a friend.
So we called her up and got her up there. And when she come into the room, I said, "Set down, sister."
She said, "Oh, Brother Branham, oh..." said, "Oh, I just feel like I'm dying every minute."
And I said, "Now just be quiet; just relax."
She said, "Is--is the Angel of the Lord here?"
I said, "Yes, ma'am, He's right here now, we're setting in..."
She said, "Oh, if--if you'll just come over and cast it out of me."
I said, "Now, just a moment, sister. Let's not talk about that, let's talk about Scripture or something."
She said, "Oh, I'm so nervous, I just--I just can't talk about nothing, Brother Branham."
I said, "Let's take a little trip."
She said, "Oh, no, no trip, no trip."

E-25 And I said, "No, just a minute, mentally speaking, go back when God first made men and women, put them in the garden of Eden." And she set there a little bit, till I kinda got her talked a little quiet. I happened to notice, coming across, a little black car, come running, like that. I said, "Was you ever in a car accident?"
She said, "No, no, sir."
I said, "Well..."
She said, "Why?"
I said, "I didn't know." And so I waited a little bit, then here come the vision again, setting there. And here it come. And here was the vision. It started, she fainted during the time. And I seen a little black car coming; she was setting beside of a blond-headed boy. And they almost got struck by a--by a train, just barely escaped death, and went on.

E-26 And here's what it was. When she, her husband... She'd got married during the--the last war, and her husband, just a young fellow, went overseas. While he was overseas she just started, untrue to him, running around. And one night she broke her marriage vow to her husband. On the road home, they was almost killed by a train. And I said... And she said, "Oh..." My wife run in and helped pick her up off the floor, she said, "Oh, Reverend Branham, don't you never tell nobody that. Don't you never tell nobody that."
I said, "Look, lady," I said, "they tell me you been going to this famous psychiatrist over the river here for about ten years."
She said, "That's right: Ten dollars a trip."

E-27 And I said, "No psychiatrist or nothing else would ever pull that out of you." I said, "That's way back in your subconscious back there; you've done wrong." And I said, "They could anoint you fifty times a night, stomp, kick, and carry on, and holler, everything else; that devil will lay right there, because he's got a right to."
"Oh," she said, "I confessed it; I'm a Sunday school teacher."
"Huh, that's half what's the matter with your church down there now," I said. I said, "That's what's the matter, sister."
She said, "Well, I confessed that to God."

E-28 I said, "You never sinned against God; you sinned against your marriage vow to your husband. You'd been a single woman, it'd been different, but you was a married woman, and you sinned against your marriage vow."
She said--I said, "What..."
She said, "What must I do?"
I said, "Go, tell your husband."
She said, "Oh, I forgot about that a long..."

E-29 I said, "Oh, no you haven't. It's way back there, and it's just cut till you don't feel it anymore, but it's there just the same." I said, "Now, you know I don't know you. And you know nobody in the world knows that but you, that man, and God." And I said, "Here it is revealed to you now."
And she said, "I just can't do it, Reverend Branham," said, "I'm sorry, break my home up."
I said, "Well, it's going to break your home up anyhow, 'cause you're not going to go very much longer." I said, "You'd better go get your husband and talk it over."
She said, "I just can't do that."
And my wife said, "Well, there's somebody else at the door." So she went out.

E-30 Said, "Well, that's up to you, lady." I said, "That--that's all I can do now. I've told you what He said, and that's... You know whether it's the truth or not." I said, "Well, that's all; I just have to go, and so, there's someone in the other room then, people coming in."
So she said, "Just a minute, don't." She said, "Oh, Reverend Branham, I--I can't do that."
And I looked, standing by the side of her there stood a tall black-headed man in a vision again, had his hair kind of combed sideways like that, wavy hair, real tall man. He turned his back to me; he had wrote on the back with a white coat, Chevrolet. I said, "Don't your husband work for a Chevrolet company?"
She said, "Yes, sir."
I said, "He's tall, dark head and got wavy hair?"
She said, "Yes, sir, that's right."
I seen a vision of him. I said, "He's got the same thing to confess to you."
She said, "Not my husband, he's a deacon."

E-31 I said, "I don't care what he is." That's right. "He's got the same thing to confess to you." I said, "It hasn't been three days ago he was in a green Chevrolet car bearing Indiana license, parked under a beech tree with a woman who works in the office there with a pink dress on and black hair, lived untrue to you."
"Not my husband."
I said, "Is there a woman like that works in the office?"
She said, "There is, but not my..."
I said, "You, I got phones here, you better go call your husband, you all get together, talk this thing over. You got three children." And so, my wife come in persuaded her to do it.

E-32 After while, there'd been a man in there been healed with cancer, so he was just rejoicing. He was from a big Baptist church in Louisville. And then, come back in and she said, "You think those people..."
I said, "They'll come back."
So she met her husband on the road, and they met halfway, and they got out of the cars and she was with some women. She didn't want to tell it before the women, got over, she said, "Now, I'm going to say something." Said, "I'm going to ask you something." Said, "Will you forgive me of anything that I tell you that I've done?" Said, "I know I've kept you broke for the last years going back and forth to doctors, and none's done any good." Said, "Will you forgive me for what I've done?"
He said, "Sure." He said... She told him what she'd done.
He said, "You don't mean so?"
Said, "That's right." And said, "The sam... Said, "And then didn't you the other day with (called this woman by name) was with her in a green Chevrolet car at a certain place?"
He said, "How do you know?" Said, "Where you been?"
She said, "I was just up to Brother Branham."

E-33 He said, "Honey, that's the truth." He said, "If you'll forgive me, I'll forgive you, and we'll raise our children. And I'll go down to church and resign as a deacon; you resign as a Sunday school teacher; let's get right with God."
And here they come back up there, walking on the porch, arms around one another, crying. I said, "Now come in. Now come in, now's the time we can make that devil move, 'cause he has no more legal right."
But as long as he's got a unconfessed sin, something that you ought to have done, or ought not of done, you could anoint with oil, do anything you wish to, he will not leave. That's right. He has a legal right to hold there. Amen.

E-34 Now, you see what the real slow line is? Works down... You realize a person could take a curse off of somebody that had been put on there and he'd get hisself in trouble? You remember Moses who smote the rock the second time when God told him not to do it. He smote it anyhow, brought the water anyhow, 'cause he was a prophet. Yeah, he could do it whether it was God's will or not. Any reader in here knows that that broke the whole, God's whole program. Is that right, readers, Bible readers? God told... He told him, said, "Go down there and speak to the rock."
The rock was Christ, it was only smitten once. But Moses being a prophet, he smote it, and the water didn't come. He smote again. It come. But God said, "Come up here, Moses. I'll deal with you."
I remember, remember, the little prophet Elijah, went bald-headed when he was young man. Some little children got to laughing at him about being bald-headed. And he said--turned around and put a curse on those children, and two she bears killed forty-two little innocent children. Is that right? That wasn't the nature of the Holy Spirit; you know that. So you have to be careful of what you're doing.

E-35 That's why that I comb the meeting closely, watching everything, just exactly what would take place. I'd speak it some times, then I'd wait and see what He says. If He don't say nothing, I just say, "The Lord bless you. Jesus Christ heal you." Something like that and let it go on.
Now, tomorrow night, if you all are willing, I want to change the line just a little bit for tomorrow night as been promised for Brother Baxter, if the audience is willing. Now, if you believe that what I am telling is the truth... Do you believe that the Bible teaches, "These signs shall follow them that believe; if they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover."? Is that what the... Do you think we'd like to see... You're the people; I'm just your--I'm your servant in one way. See? Now, I'm here to serve you in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

E-36 You think tomorrow night, everybody that's here that's got a prayer card or so forth... They'll give out more tomorrow. And everybody that's got a prayer card, if we would line them up and I'd come over here and just preach to you a little while, and have a prayer line, and let the people come through, and not try, just lay hands on the sick, pray for them, would you like to see a line and let everybody be prayed for? What do you think of it? Raise your hands, you that thinks it would be a... All right.
Now, contrary, to the other side... Why, it's a hundred percent that way. All right, we'll have that kind of line tomorrow night then, the Lord willing. And we'll pray for every one.
Now, in just a few moments now. I got ten minutes of time, then must--must start the prayer line. I want to read you the vision of going to India. Listen close now of the reading of it.

E-37 I was in Africa, and the Lord had warned me, which I announced right straight from this tabernacle that--here, that trouble was set in for me in Africa. You remember it. And said that the devil was set a trap for me. And I thought it'd be among witch doctors or something, not knowing it was amongst my brethren.
And when we got to Johannesburg, thousands was there to meet us. They had a marvelous meeting. Even the Angel of the Lord... One minister there, which was a Dutch Reformed that doesn't believe in baptism, he went out and told his friend; he said, "We're missing a day of visitation."
He said, "That guy's a demon."
So he said, "I'll go pray for your lost soul."

E-38 And he went out and knelt down and started praying for him. And he... Now, he never heard my story about this. He'd just been there that first night and seen... I just walked the platform after being seventy-two hours, I think it was, in the air. Walked into the platform where thirty, forty thousand people were setting, and I seen a bus coming, just moving through the jungle like that. And had wrote on it, "Durban." I seen a boy get on with a leg about six inches shorter than the other. Then I seen the boy a little later on and start walking on normal. I looked all over the audience. I couldn't see him. I didn't know whether he could speak English. It was interpreted, of course. I happened to look setting out there, and there set the boy. I said, "You're from Durban." He nodded his head yes.
I said, "You got one... you're on crutches."
"One leg is six inches shorter than the other."
"That's right."
I said, "Get up, Jesus Christ has healed you, for THUS SAITH THE LORD, I've seen the vision and you're healed."

E-39 And that boy with one leg six inches shorter than the other, rose up from there just as normal till the doctors even examined him and everything.
The next morning the Medical Association of Africa, called me to have breakfast with me. Ask anybody you wish to, them themselves if you desire, if there's a doctor here would question it. They said, "That's really Divine healing. We believe it that way." That's right. And it opened every hospital in Africa for me (That's right.), anything, any place, I'd want to go. That's the Medical Association of South Africa, headquarters in Johannesburg.

E-40 Now, next there was a little girl; I seen a little green car have a wreck and turn around this way. They brought a girl out. I hadn't been standing on the platform more than about five minutes. And I seen that little girl brought out; she was... Her back was broke. And I couldn't see her anywhere. And I happened to look, and she was laying right down here. I said, "Lady, young lady, you speak English?" She did. I said, "Wasn't you in a accident in a little green car and it hit, turned backwards somehow and hit a tree and it's broke your back."
"That's right."
I said, "About three places," said.
I looked out again and I seen her going walking across the audience like a shadow over top of the people, like that, just with her hands up rejoicing, moving her back up and down. I said, "THUS SAITH THE LORD, stand on your feet; you're healed."
Her mother said, "Oh, no, no, no. The doctor says if she moves it'll break and she'll die right there."
The little girl jumped up, said, "Oh, looky here."

E-41 And her mother fainted and fell in the same bed her daughter was laying in. You read that in the paper, of course, where they--they carried that article. Fell right back in the bed like that... The daughter was perfectly normal and well.
Now, and it just started like that, all the time. Well, one night the Lord met me and said, "Now, the next, tomorrow..." Mr. Baxter," my manager, said, "now they're going to ask you to change the itinerary. They'll... They made an itinerary for you to go down into the Capetown." That's where we was planning on going. Said, "Don't go there, you stay right here for another two weeks, and then you go to Durban and stay there for a month."
I said, "Yes, Lord."
Now, He said, "Just to be sure, to confirm it, that your--your manager and them won't say anything against it," said, "tomorrow they're going to come get you and there going to be a set up. They're going to bring an attorney." And said, "This attorney is had an operation, which the doctor told him it was cancer, but it's a mistake." Said, "The doctor let a knife slip, and the man's going to die."

E-42 He said, "On your road over, you're going to hit a little bead seller where you stop, that's got a piece of her hair tore off, like that." Been done out in the jungle maybe, by wild life or something. And said, "Then, a little bead seller on the road..." And said, "While you're standing there," said, "there'll be a great funny bird flying across making a noise." Said, "Remind Mr. Baxter of that, so he will know it's THUS SAITH THE LORD."
So the next morning I told him. We started off, and everything just perfect. He... Brother Baxter's got that picture of the little girl. He was standing there, getting the camera like that, and I was--I was looking at him like that; I couldn't... And here come a wild peacock, flying, you know, squawking away like that. I said, "Brother Baxter, you see that bird?"
He said, "What is that, Brother Branham?"
I said, "Brother Baxter, don't you understand?" I said, "Look at that girl."
He said, "Well, Bro..."
There it was. I said, "No, we can't go down."

E-43 But, oh, my, those ministers had set a iron clad rule; we was going anyhow. You don't know foreigners. So we was going to go anyhow. So they come. And I didn't even have my suitcase packed. "We promised Brother So-and-so; we're going to go anyhow."
I say this not for a hard feelings with the preachers. But if you want to get in trouble, just fool with preachers. You sure get into it. They going to have their way about it. See? But you have to remember; God have His way about it. That's the right way. I said, "I can't go down."
Said, "Well, brother, we done made itinerary." And a group of ministers standing on the road, which Brother Baxter, Brother Bosworth, and all of them are witness. He said, "You got to go down." Said, "We done got thousands of dollars spent in the advertisement."
I said, "Brother, no, I can't go."
"Oh, yes, you got to." One of them walked up, said, "I guess you think God just speaks to you alone."
I said, "Korah thought that one time. I don't know whether He spoke..."
Said, "He told us to make this itinerary."
I said, "He told me not to keep it." I said, "That--that's all I can say, brethren."

E-44 So then we... They got me anyhow. I was going on down the road to a little place. And I said, "Well..." Brother Baxter said, he was in the cars behind. Bother Bosworth, Brother Schoeman and I were going on in front. I said, "Brother Schoeman, you got to stop this car; I just can't go on." I said, "The Lord don't want me to do it." Only one sticking with me, and that's my boy, Billy Paul. And I said, "I--I just can't do it; that's all. I've got to--got to stop now."
So he stopped and went back and told Brother Baxter and them, said, "Come up and see him." Said, "There he is; he says he's not going any farther."
So Brother Bosworth walked up, and he said, "Brother Branham, what's the matter?" Said, "I believe you're going to see the exceeding..."
I said, "Brother Bosworth, as many times as you stood with me on the platform and you heard me say, THUS SAITH THE LORD?"
He said, Brother Baxter said, "Is this that vision, Brother Branham?"
And I said, "Yes."

E-45 He said, "Then I'll take my hands off of it. I'll have no more to say about it."
And I said, "Sure, it's the vision. We cannot, supposed to go down here, we go--go back to Johannesburg." And I said, "We're supposed to go there." And I was the one broke and didn't have any money and I was in bad shape. Couldn't come home, so, and if I would I'd be doing what the Lord told me not to do. I was supposed to stay and wait for that.
So then, what happened, I... After, to keep them from fussing, I went and got some leaves and pulled off leaves and laid over their feet. I said, "Remember, THUS SAITH THE LORD, from this hour on we're out of the will of the Lord."

E-46 That night when we got down in that little bitty place, about two thousand people, a little bitty place down there, and about twenty-five thousand people in it, laying on the hills and everything. Said, "Oh, we're going to have a great meeting tonight." Had them every one up at Johannesburg, place where we could seat them all and everything.
Went on down there, and that night, just about the time it come time to take me to the platform, there come a tropical storm and liked to drown the whole bunch, never let up till round midnight. Oh, they said, "That happens all the time." Said, "We... It'll be all right tomorrow."

E-47 Next day, a beautiful, clear, warm day... Just about time it come for me to go, it come a blizzard through there like to froze everybody to death. I said, "I told you." See? I said, "Tomorrow night we'll have an earthquake, perhaps."
And they said, "Well, you mean we'll have an earthquake?"
I--I said, "I don't know whether your going to have an earthquake, but we're out of the will of the Lord."
And that night while we was in prayer in there... They said, "Permissive will then, wonder if God will permit us?"
And little Billy Paul come in; he said, "Daddy, don't you listen to them preachers. You do what God tells you to do."

E-48 And so I went on in there. We went... And he said, "Well, you pray with now." I went in and we prayed till about two o'clock and three o'clock. Billy done went to sleep. And I standing in the room and I seen that Light. Here It come whirling across in the room, and I knew He was near. He got right up close to where I was at, and He said, "Go on with them, but you're going to pay for it." Said, "Go ahead." He said, "But go wake up your boy and tell him THUS SAITH THE LORD." He respected Billy, 'cause Billy stood for what was right. He said, "Go, wake up your boy and tell him THUS SAITH THE LORD." Said, "Then you tell the rest of them." Said, "Tomorrow morning it's going to be clear again and warm." It'll be on Sunday morning, of course, that was Saturday night. He said, "On Sunday morning they're going to come to you, and they're going to send Billy after you, and he's going to bring a young man. He will pick up another young man dressed in black. On the road down there's going to be a native in a safari suit standing by the side of a eucalyptus tree near a bridge, striking another one over the head with a stick." Said, "By that you'll know that I've given you the permission to go on, but remember, you're going to pay for it."

E-49 And the next morning everything happened just exactly the way He said. And when I got to Durban, I got ameba, liked to died. Come home, landed up here. I was just about gone; that's all. I couldn't hardly live; I was in such a fix. I went home; they was going to throw me in the pest house, so they... with ameba. God just turned His back on me. You don't mind God, you're in for trouble, I don't care who you are. See?
And so, I prayed and I prayed. They sent me over to Louisville to a doctor and he examined me; he said, "Oh, brother," said, "humm, you stay right in your home." Said, "Don't let that African ameba get scattered."
So then I... He said, "I got some stuff here I want you to take." And it's an army affair." Well, they give me all they had of it. Never a bit of good. Give me, said, "I got one, two or three more things." They give all that; nothing would happen. Kept more amebas all the time, all the time, parasites, you know, worse and worse. And I just fell off about sixty pounds of weight, and I couldn't--I just couldn't live hardly, I just was in such a fix.

E-50 And so, then I went back and he said, "Well, I..." He give me some kind of arsenic or something that turned me real yellow, said, "I can't give you no more, it'd kill you." He said, "Reverend Branham, you go home now." There's perhaps doctor's setting here doctors the same thing. He said, "That ameba will get... It's done went through the mucus gland into the blood stream. And it'll either go into the heart or to the brain or to the liver." Said, "If it goes into the liver, your side will swell out, we can operate and take the amebas out, you'll probably get over it. If it goes to the brain or anything," said, "you're going live ten hours," and said, "that's all."

E-51 I walked home. God will turn His back on me, couldn't answer prayer. And I walked the floor. Wife, two children, about a hundred dollars in the bank. There they was, right in the prime of my ministry, disobeyed God; there you was: ten hours and be dead. Walking up and down the floor... You don't know what a... Way of a transgressor's hard. I don't care what anybody tell you: When God tells you do something, you go do it, right quick. You pay no attention to what anybody tells you, whether he's a saint, or prophet, or whoever he is, you listen to what God says.
And I walked up and down the floor. I'm fixing to close just a minute for the prayer line; my time's up. And I walked up and down the floor one night, oh, how sick. My wife's in the next room, and I walk back, and I thought... Laid down, I thought, "Well, this is the end of it, I suppose. That was a wonderful meeting to remember, thirty thousand converts in one afternoon, very fine. I guess this, my future is finished, ten hours now." Of course every five minutes I had a fever, you know, so I--I was thinking that anyhow.

E-52 And I was laying there, and as I did, the first time for months, that'd been eight or ten months later, I felt Him in the room. Oh, brother, sister, what a feeling. I knew He was there. I raised up; I said, "Lord, are You near me? Have You come back to forgive me?" I said, "I promise, Lord, I--I'll never listen to another preacher or anything if You'll just, if You'll forgive me, Lord. Don't let me die; I--I'm Your servant; I--I want to serve You."
And I listened, nothing happened. But I knew He was still in the room. And I raised up on the side of the bed when I've been lying down. It's about two o'clock in the morning. Nothing happened. I went over to set down in a chair. Just then I looked, come walking right down here, here come a Man walking to me, had a bunch of white paper, like that, like typewriter paper. He walked up to me; He said, "Insomuch as thou was thinking of your future..."
I said, "Yes."
He said, "Look down towards the ground." It was some of it wrote on, scribbled on. Then He took it right like this, and He threw it. And it just went sheet after sheet after sheet, until it went plumb into the heaven. And it was a all clear. He said, "Insomuch that you seen that that was clear, so is your future clear."

E-53 I said, "Thank God." And I--I raised up, and I thought, "Oh, how wonderful, Lord, You forgive me then, and I will live." And I thought, "Oh, You're wonderful, Jesus. I just love You so much, I love You."
And about that time I heard Something come and going [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] It never happens over once at a time. But here It was again. I looked then, and It had come on me again. I said, "Will I ever get over this ameba? Will I have it any longer?"
He said, "Not at all; it's over."
And I come to again; I said, "Oh, it's--it's gone then now." And just then I thought, "Oh, when I was talking to Him, why didn't I ask Him how to conduct my meetings?"

E-54 I've got it laying right here before me; it's all writed out. You can see. So I said, "Why, didn't I ask about my meetings?" I said. And then He come again, I said, "How should I conduct my meetings?"
He said, "Just as you're led."
So then again, He come again and had set me down in Africa and I seen that meeting. It was all windling out this way, like history. And this One was standing by me, the big Man with dark hair, white robe, He turned me to the east. He said, "Look this a way."

E-55 And oh, my, the people just like ocean waves, and I couldn't see the end of them. And I heard Him looking up this way, talking to someone else. And I looked, and here come a smaller man then him, and He had a big oscillating light in His hand. And He had this light, and He turned this light on, and it begin to oscillate, throwing over the crowd.
And then I heard this Angel here, speak to this Angel here, saying, "There's three hundred thousand of those in that Branham meeting. And the man, I looked at them; they was rejoicing and shouting. But they didn't look like African people, short, heavy people. They were thin people, and looked like they'd had, looked like a sheet around them, then it just picked it up and stuffed it down in their clothes like this, just like a, oh, just a sheet wrapped around them like this. And I recognized it to be Indians. And then I heard my Bible coming to me and it was at Joshua the 1st chapter, and It left me. This is wrote out, right here.

E-56 Now, the next morning I called up Dr. Lukas, which he had--he'd just wrote me the day before, fine Christian man. And he told me to watch for it. And I called him up, and I said, "Dr. I want to come over and get examination."
Said, "Well, Reverend Branham, I just give you one yesterday."
I said, "I want one this morning; I ain't got no amebas."
He said, "You haven't got any amebas?"
I said, "No, sir."
He said, "Reverend."
I said, "No, sir, I haven't."
He said, "Oh, you got ameba all right."
I said, "Will you give me an examination?"
He said, "Well," said, "come on over."
So I went over. He took the--the examination, went out, come back; he said, "Could I take that again?"
I knowed he hadn't found anything. And I... He come back and he said, he took... I said, "Yes, sir."
He took it again. He come put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Now, Reverend, I want to talk to you. What happened?"

E-57 And I told him the story. I said, "The Angel of the Lord appeared to me last night. He forgive my sin for listening to them preachers and not God." I said, "My sins are forgiven. And I'm going to return back to Africa and India and around again."
He said, "You're going back over there where you got them?"
I said, "Oh, yes, sir. The love of God pulls me to those people again. The vision said I must go, and I'm going."
And he said, "You'll have to be examined for three months for this 'fore I can give you a certificate to show."
I said, "You could examine me for ten years as far as I'm concerned." I said, "You ain't finding no more ameba, 'cause it's gone."

E-58 And from that day to this, there hasn't been one trace of it. I gained up to a hundred and sixty-five pounds now. See what God can do? Now, I am returning back to Africa, or to India, rather, on this meeting. And you mark what I have told you tonight, and write it down on a piece of paper, and see if it comes to pass that way or not. That's the way God will bring it; that's the way God has done it up this far; and it'll be that way when I get there.
If I have ever been fought on anything... I know I have Indian friends setting here tonight. If I have ever been fought on any meeting I ever went to, the worst I've ever been fought, is India this time. It's either this, that the devil has set a something trying his best to keep me away from there, or something. But God told me to go, and I'm on my road day after tomorrow morning, the Lord willing, to see His Word come to pass.

E-59 Then one day, if God willing, I'll visit back to New York; and the things I've told you tonight, you find out if it isn't so. It'll be just that way.
Now, tomorrow night we'll have a regular line of people, everybody... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Because like Brother Roberts, surely, he will pray for five hundred people an hour. And other brothers, they'll just pass them through the line and pray for them. I stop and watch every case. But I get thousands of cases that's been through that line. That's right. See? Now, that's some times...

E-60 Prayer is the right thing. But listen, friend, if you went to a doctor. And the doctor, you say, "Oh, doctor, I'm having headaches all the time."
He said, "Here take this." And he give you some aspirin. That ain't a doctor. He's just trying to get rid of you. A real doctor would take you in and examine you and find out what was causing those headaches. And then work there. Is that right? That's a real doctor.
Well now, that... Before you can find a cure, you got to find the cause. Is that right? If a person's sick, there's some reason they're sick. What caused it? You got to... It may be unbelief; it may be hidden sin; it may be unconfessed sin. It may be God trying to get them to do a certain thing. I don't know. But when I find what it is, then I know what I'm talking about. Then I can say, "It's THUS SAITH THE LORD," because it's true.

E-61 The Lord bless you, tomorrow night we'll be speaking to you, if the Lord willing, upon some subject pertaining to--to Divine healing. And we expect a great meeting tomorrow night and a great one tonight.
Are you believing that the Angel of the Lord... I wonder if they give out... Brother Berg, did he give out any prayer cards? Is Billy Paul somewhere? I... They just rushed me in here. Brother Baxter said, "Tell your life story or something tonight, Brother Branham, I've got to go." And so I just had to rush in here in five minutes time, and I never asked them anything.
If Billy Paul is in the building somewhere, why, would... Did--did anybody raise up their hand? Did they give out prayer cards today? They did, oh, well, that's fine then. That's okay. Oh, ten dollars off his wages for that. (What prayer cards did you give out? What'd say? X?) X, how many? Hundred. Well, let's take to twenty, the first twenty-five of X's or something like that and try.

E-62 Who has X-1, let's see your hand, X-1? Prayer card X-1, would you raise up your hand? X-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Let's get about 10 first. Let's get X-1 to X-10 and stand them up so we won't get a congestion in the moving of the people.
Now, how many's here for the first time, let's see your hand, first timers. Well, the Lord bless you. Let's all say, "Praise the Lord," for those people. We're thankful to have you here at the arena tonight. And I hope you enjoy the blessings of the Lord Jesus tremendously.
Taking this time of testimony, why, I just promised to do it tonight, and that's the reason. And by the way now, the books... We're not book salesmen, neither are we picture salesmen. These books are printed right here in your own city, and we have to get them, and they're sold just cheap as we possibly can. I have never, know of a time of making anything on books. Poor people, sometime we give a bunch of them away. And we're not to sell books. If I didn't think it'd help you, I'd sure wouldn't be, the campaign has to help it.
This picture is a copyrighted affair for the Douglas Studios, American Photographer Association of Houston, Texas. It's not mine; it belongs to them. I have to get it and sell it for what I get it for. So then, it's just for your good.

E-63 A little article... Now, this is not--now this is not me saying this; this is a lady saying this, that said it. She had one framed in their house. She was at the hospital, and the doctor told her she couldn't live. And she was praying, and they had this little picture setting on there. And she was... Not me, she was looking at this. And she claimed... Now, this her word. She claimed that she said, "Brother Branham, while watching that Pillar of Fire above you, and I said, 'Dear God, it isn't our Brother Branham; it's You.'" And said, "That Pillar of Fire moved out of the picture and hung over her."

E-64 Anyhow, the next day the doctor said, "Case dismissed." She was healed. Now, that's her word; I never... That's not mine. I'm only taking her testimony. I can't... I'm not responsible for that. I never, wasn't there to see it.
But now in here, in the book, is the write up of George J. Lacy, FBI, best of fingerprint and documents in the United States. And if he's from the United States in that, I think he's the best in the world. And he was the one who examined the picture and said, "It's the only supernatural Being that could ever be scientifically proven." The only supernatural Being that could ever scientifically be proven... All right.

E-65 Just see if they got... Is that... Where'd I call from; I forgot? [Brother says, "One to ten, I believe."--Ed.] One to ten. All right. Ten to twenty now. Number X-10 to 20, if you will. That's fine. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. X-10 to 20. You got X-10 to 20. Now, Brother Berg or somebody, see how they're lining up back there; see how many more I should call and get in the line.
Now, let's... Now, by the way, here's these handkerchiefs here to be prayed over. Would you all bow your heads with me while I pray for these handkerchiefs, if you will.
Kind heavenly Father, here before us tonight we have under consideration a group of handkerchiefs, cloths, letters in here that's going to the needy. God they're just not here just because they want to put a letter in. They're here because they're needy. And we thank Thee, that Thou has given us favor before the people, Thy people, that they'd have confidence enough in us as Your servants to believe, that if we would follow out the Scriptural command of this, that they would be healed.

E-66 And in the Bible time, they taken from Your great Saint Paul, handkerchiefs and aprons; and the evil spirits went out of the people, and they were made well. And I pray tonight, Lord, that You'll send these handkerchiefs under the same Holy Spirit, and may sick people be healed of all diseases they have, great signs and wonders be done. Grant it, Father. I bless these handkerchiefs and cloths for the healing of the sick in the Name of Your Son, the Lord Jesus. Amen.
How many more can you--can you--how many more can you stand? That be enough? Huh? All right, let's call from X... What was it? 15 to 20? All right, let's call from X-15 then to 25. Let them stand, from X-15 to 25, let them stand next if they will, and be in line. If... We'll have twe... Well, that... While they're getting up anyhow... Where'd I call? 25? Well, let them come up next.

E-67 Don't matter how many stands in a line, I get to as many as I possibly can, and--and that doesn't make any difference, just the idea so we can pray for some of the people and--and do whatever we can to help the people.
Now, my beloved friends, I suppose then, if the Lord willing, this would be our last night in America for some time for this type of service. Let us be real reverent tonight. Let us ask the Lord Jesus and let us believe with all of our heart.
I want to ask you, would you be praying for me when I'm in India and different places, will you do it? I--I... That just means so much to me. Thank you kindly.

E-68 And now, I would now, the... You're welcome to take pictures, but I wouldn't take them now, brother, or sister. Wait till a little later on after the service or tomorrow night. I'm glad to have pictures if you want my ugly face in one of them, well, it's all right, but it's... I'm only happy that you think that much of me. But the reason I say don't take pictures now, or when the anointing comes, you see that? That's a Light, and I see a light flash; and it pulls me from here over the audience. And somebody's faith out there... See, it's not me, and It leaves me here and goes out there. Then I watch, and I see that Light will move over somebody. It'll stand there. Then I'll watch above It then, then around there will come a vision. And I just say what I see and that's all.

E-69 And some times that lifts people's faith way up (You see?), and they--they get healed like that. So you see why I say don't take a picture. It's not because I don't want you to have the picture, it is because that I--that I... It--it interferes with that. Now, afterwards, then you can take pictures or tomorrow night or an, before we come in, or so forth, all time tomorrow night if you want to.
Brother Wood, if he's here, did he... Do you have some more of these pictures? They do. Some more pictures and the books... And that'll be right away now, it'll be finished. Then coming back, this book will be out of print. If you want to give someone a Christmas present, something, send it to them. 'Cause we'll have a new book from overseas after this next trip.

E-70 Now, if the organist will, please, "Only Believe." Oh, how many times that's called me of many different languages. Hmm. There's something about the song when I hear it, just looks like I could feel Him coming close then. I don't know why, I just... If I die before Jesus comes and they have--they give me a funeral, they're going to play that when they putting me down in the grave. So you here in New York, if you hear about it, you know when it's going to be, stop and sing "Only Believe" once and remember me, will you? And remember, I believe this: that someday I'll come out of there. That's right. That's my faith. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God with all my heart.
Now, the reason they set these mikes here, after the anointing strikes me, just... I'm taking things in detail as much as I know about to tell you. I'm glad to explain anything I know how, but there's--but there's many things that I don't understand myself. I don't understand it; it just happens and that's--that's it. I... It just happens. And so I... The only thing I do, is just pray. And He tells me, and I just say what He says, and that's all I can say.

E-71 Now, you out in the--out in the, out there, I want you to have faith now and you believe with all your heart. How many doesn't have a prayer card and wants the Lord Jesus to heal you tonight, would you raise your hand? Oh, my, that's just wonderful; that's wonderful. I mean wonderful faith that you have. I don't mean it's wonderful you're sick, 'cause God knows I'm here to try to see you get well.
Now, here's what the--the whole thing is for, friends. The Divine gift... How many believe God has set in the Church gifts for the perfecting of the Church? Sure. Correct. Now, here's what it's for. Here's what--what I am to you. By sovereign grace, before there was a world, God knew that I would be here and have this ministry. How many believes that? Sure, He does. Then it was sent to you people. I'm glad to see you Full Gospel people believe in election, 'cause there's were the whole things lays, in election. That's right. In election God chose that, nothing we could do, God has.
Well then, me to you, is a sign of the Lord Jesus Christ, like Brother Berg, a pastor, or any of the other pastors, where they preach the Gospel, see them anointed with the Spirit, that's a sign. Someone give a message, interpretation, telling about somebody in the church, that's a sign. If it's wrong, that's a sign too that they're wrong. If it's right, that's a sign they're right. See? All's for signs.

E-72 Now, I have explained to you, that Jesus, when He raised from the dead, before He went away first, He said, "The things that I do shall you also." Is that right? Did He say it? And He said, "Even more (or greater) than this shall you do, for I go to My Father." And He said, "A little while and the world won't see Me no more (That's the unbeliever: 'kosmos,' the Greek word there, 'world order') will see Me no more; yet you shall see Me (ye, the Church), for I (personal pronoun, as I said,), I will be with you, even in you, until this generation ceases." That don't sound right, does it? "I'll be with you, even in you, to the end of the world." Is that right? "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever..." He foresaw that; He knowed what would take place.

E-73 Now, tonight Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, and is living right here among us in Spirit form, called the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit of God, which is Jesus Christ, the third Person of the trinity. Now, now, He's here in Spirit form. He was with the children of Israel in a Pillar of Fire. Is that right? How many believes that was Christ? Sure it was.
And then He come down, was made flesh to take sin away, take sickness away. Then He said, "I came from God," out of here, He said, "I come out of here, and I'm returning back in there." And here He is today, even letting His picture be taken in a scientific world to prove to us. The people may laugh and make fun of us, but He's here. Don't be worried. We know where we're going. We know what it's all about, now don't we? God is here. His Spirit's here.

E-74 And what's the reaction of it? If I told you tonight, in me was the spirit of some great artist, you'd expect me to paint a fine picture. And if I told you the spirit of John Dillinger was in me, you'd expect me to have big guns and you'd be running for your life.
But I tell you, the Spirit of Jesus Christ is here. And then you expect It to act like Jesus. Is that right? He was a Man stern to speak, stern words, beat them out of the temple and so forth, and yet a Man of love, a Man of sorrow. He was a Man who had compassion. But He said, "I can't do nothing till I see My Father do it first." Is that right?

E-75 But He looked out into His audience and He perceived their thoughts, what they were thinking about. He told a woman that she had touched His garment and had been made whole, and different things. And He also knowed their names. Is that right?
The other night, I believe it was, or somewhere here, may not been this meeting... I know the Holy Spirit called somebody's name. Oh, my, did I get a letter from it, said, "Uh huh." See just, you don't understand, didn't... When Peter come up to Him, didn't He say, "Thou art Simon, and you shall be called Peter from henceforth." Is that right? Why, He knew their name; He knows your name, doesn't He? Knows all about you. The Lord bless you.

E-76 How do you do, lady? Now, the lady standing here is a perfect stranger, totally strange. I've never seen her, know not one thing about her. Now, just as I was going to turn the Bible down and preach a text... Now, this is God's text to you to believe that I have told you the truth about His Son Jesus Christ, that He's raised from the dead and right here. Not up in heaven, He's right here, right here with you.
Now, if Jesus Christ has raised from the dead, and promised the things that He did we'd do also, standing talking to the woman... Now, as far as healing her, He could not do that. No, sir. He--He can't do one thing twice. I can't pay my fare overseas once and then go pay it over again the same trip. When He died for your sickness and sin at Calvary, that settled it right... Is that right? It was all over right there.
As far as she's sick, I don't know whether she's sick or not, but if she is sick, Jesus healed her when He died at Calvary. The only thing He could do standing here, would be tell her something another, that would make her faith believe that. Is that right?

E-77 If you all were sinners, and the only thing He could do would tell you all something another, preach through the Gospel, or something another that the Holy Spirit would let you know that He's the Son of God and you accept Him as your Saviour: same thing... Now, may He come, is my prayer.
And now, as the organ plays softly, no one moving, be reverent, keep quiet. And of course, now when the Lord is speaking to the patient, if He does, out there wherever it is, be alert. They're telling me, many times like this, because that this is the patient don't get the sound right quick. Be alert, be expecting God to call you. Then keep real reverent when He does. Then if you want to give Him praise, go ahead; that's all right. See? But while it's going on, listen to Him, give Him reverence while He's speaking.

E-78 Now, lady, I want to talk to you just a moment as--as my sister. And standing here, you and I strangers to each other, we do not know one another, never have met before in life, as far as I know. Is that true? That is true. We don't know each other. But the Lord Jesus knows us both, doesn't He? That's right, He knows us both.
Now, you're--you're aware that since I have turned around to talk to you, that something's going on. See? Now, if that's right, raise up your hand, if the audience can see. See? That's right. Now, between the woman and I, that the audience might know, there's a settling white Light. The same Light that's on this picture, is standing between me and that lady, right now.

E-79 The lady seems to be moving away from me. She's... I see a home, a place, and she's extremely nervous; she's upset, always disturbed. She walks and wrings her hands; sometimes she... But I--I see them taking her somewhere. It's a... It's in a--going under an operation. It--it's in a hospital. And I see you come one, two, three, four operations. And it was on the throat. They cut into the throat, 'cause they had you covered from here. It's in the throat. And they took out part of your throat or something another, and they put some kind of a thing back in your throat to breathe through the... Yeah, it's under your clothes. That's right. That's right, wasn't it, lady? That was Him. Let's bow our heads.
Lord Jesus, may Thy Spirit and power come and condemn the enemy, and may our sister get well now in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, believing now with all your heart.

E-80 Every person in here ought to believe right now with your whole heart. If thou canst believe, all things are possible. But you must believe. All right, bring the lady.
I wished I could just feel strong now. Just be quiet, in prayer. Don't move; just set still, please.
Now, it's this lady here, going to speak for her? You have faith now. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? Do you believe He--God raised Him up from the dead, and now He's alive among us? If He is alive among us, then He knows us as He would if He was here in form of flesh. Do you believe that I am His servant?

E-81 Now, audience, this is like overseas. You see? The way you have to do this (You see?), I have to get the person to believe me. The Angel of the Lord said. Not believe me as Him, but believe me that He sent Me. You understand, you audience? Now, the woman can't understand what I'm saying now. But I'm catching her spirit. Now, watch, I can't even speak her language, so how would I know anything of her. See? I'm trying to get her spirit. You see? Now, just be reverent now. Now, she is a Christian; she's a believer.
Now, if Jesus Christ was standing here where I am, and would be... He would be able to know what was your trouble, but His body has been taken up to the Father, and His Spirit is here now. Now, you're aware that something is going on. You know you're standing in the Presence of Something. If that's so, wave your hand so the audience will see it.

E-82 There's something going on. I can't mean just what it is; just a minute. Now, be reverent every one and be in prayer for me at this time. It seems like there's two people that I... It's moving. Yes. All right, lady, catch my voice right quick now when It goes in. You--you have come here for someone else. It's for a--it's for a boy. It's your son. And it's mentally. He's not a Christian. But you are a Christian. And there's some connection with you and that... That's your husband setting right there. That's how it was in the... do...?... You have asthma, don't you? Is that right? Come over here.
Lord Jesus, I pronounce this blessing upon this man and woman for their healing in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ. Amen. Go on your road rejoicing, my brother and sister. Tell them. God bless you. Amen. Praise be to God.

E-83 I could see the man, a boy; I couldn't tell what it was. It just moved, but it was her husband setting behind her, is what it was. And he was catching her spirit to his spirit coming the same time. Oh, isn't He wonderful? Our Lord Jesus, just watch Him, He's the great God of eternity, the great God of heaven, the One Who made the heavens and earth and all that in them is. Amen.
All right. Would you come, sir. Be real reverent; believe with all your heart, and just have faith. Don't doubt; believe with all your heart.

E-84 It keeps standing... Was this the couple was here just now? Is this the--the people that was here? It's still Light around them both. You understand English, sir? Not much. This Light is what's around you now. You have a blessing from the Lord. Now, in their native land, if It was there, the whole audience would get up out of wheelchairs and everything and walk away healed. That's the way it goes overseas. See?
The little lady setting behind the woman there, the lady there put her hand up on her chest there, you... You have an asthmatic condition that's been bothering you; this man has the same thing, asthma. It's all right, you can both go now and get healed. Jesus Christ makes you well. God bless you, brother...?...

E-85 Your little friend setting there next to you, there, you believe me to be God's prophet? I mean the little lady in the back with the green dress on, setting next to the lady that... Raise up just a minute, lady. There's so many people believing. You right there, It's hanging over you. I thought It was on the little lady here with her hand reaching towards me. Stand up. He's wanting to tell you something, but I... There's so many people praying and such faith moving in the building.
You're--you're real nervous for one thing. And you have trouble with your head, a head trouble. Isn't that right? And you, I see you writing or reading, isn't your name Amelia...?... Your address is number one Columbia Avenue, Hartsdale, New York. Your head trouble is finished, sister; your faith has healed you. Jesus Christ has made you whole. God bless you.

E-86 You believe these things? You want to go eat? Get well? You believe with all your heart? You can go. God bless, this our sister, and make her well, through Jesus, the Son, I ask it. Amen. God bless you, sister. Have faith in God and believe.
You believe with all your heart? You believe the Lord Jesus would make you well? He's lovely, isn't He? How old are you, lady? Twenty-eight. Are you Spanish? It's a white girl I seen.
Mother, setting back there weeping, you're weeping over a lost daughter, aren't you? That's who it was. Stand up on your feet just a minute. It kept seeing a white girl and this is Spanish.
O Jesus, Son of God, send that lost girl back home to her mother. I pray, God, that You'll grant it through Thy Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-87 God bless you. You're healed too, sister, be on your road rejoicing and thanking God.
It's for your baby, lady? Uh-huh. Stomach trouble. Strange, wasn't it? A little fellow like that would have that. But you believe that Jesus Christ is going to heal it?
Lord God, I bless both babe and mother in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, for their healing. Amen. That's right, sister. Just thank the Lord Jesus and go right ahead and believe with all your heart.

E-88 Would you come, lady. Oh, He's so wonderful, so glorious. You believe that condition in your back has gone, the kidney trouble left you? It did. God bless you. Go on your road and be thankful and rejoice at this time...?...
You believe the Lord Jesus is going to heal you of that cancer back there, sir? You that's come away from here, you're from Connecticut. You believe that God's going to make you well and heal you? You do? Stand up on your feet. I seen you rubbing your face then. You're going to get well. Don't fear, sir. God bless you.
You believe you're over the arthritis now, to stay? You are. God bless you. It's gone from you.

E-89 You believe with all your heart you're in His Presence? Then the kidney trouble has gone from you; you can go on and be made well in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Have faith in God. Don't doubt; believe with all your heart. You shall have what you ask for.
Got heart trouble, haven't you, ma'am, Setting right back there, next to the back row, the...? Yeah. You believe Jesus Christ makes you well? Amen. Stand up; your faith has healed you. It's over now. The Lord bless you, my sister.
You setting right... was so shocked by it there, setting there with arthritis, He healed you also, setting this way. God bless you. Amen. You can go be made well.

E-90 Oh, to the glory of our resurrected Lord Jesus. Shall we give Him praise and just say, "We thank Thee Lord Jesus for Thy goodness and Thy mercy to us, the unworthy one. And Thou art blessed forever. Oh, how we praise Thee, how we adore Thee, Thou matchless One. Thou has been so good to us. Now, we worship Thee with all of our heart. Receive us, we pray, Father. Through Thy Son, the Lord Jesus, we give praise. Amen."
Oh, my, what a feeling. I--I wish the whole audience could feel just the way it is right here now. Everybody seems like's in love and everything's wonderful. Oh, I wonder if this will be the way it'll be out in the great millennium that's coming up, where there'll be no sickness and no sorrows, no heartaches.
'Course, you know I'm talking, trying to shake myself just a little. I want to pray for more people. You--you love Him with all your heart? Oh, He's so marvelous, and so good to us, and we're so unworthy, we poor, unworthy, wretched, creatures as we are.

E-91 Little Spanish lady, setting...?... there with a white looking little blouse on (ever what it is), setting there, you're having trouble with your eyes, aren't you, sister? You believe that the Lord heals you now? All right, you can go home and be well then. Jesus makes you well. God bless you. Have faith in God. Just don't doubt; just have faith. That's all.
Oh, how wonderful. You're beginning to believe, aren't you, sir? God bless you. Just what could happen now if everybody with one accord, with one faith. There would be no need for any more prayer line: would be over.

E-92 Is this the patient, Billy? Or brother? Now, I want to talk to you just a moment. We're strange to each other, I suppose. I do not know you; you do not know me. And you believe the Lord Jesus' Presence is near? Had some trouble in the lung. I see some sort of a... Oh, you've had a operation and a lung has been removed. They took a lung away. You're not doing very well. But you come that I might bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ for your healing. You're already blessed. But come here that I might lay hands on you.
Dear God, I bless this, my sister, in the Name of Your Son, the Lord Jesus, that You heal her and make her well. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go...?... now and you'll be all right.
Oh, how good He is to we unworthy ones.

E-93 You believe, sir? With all your heart you believe? I am--I am a stranger unto you. I--I don't know you, but there's Somebody here who does know us both, doesn't He?
My, just out over that audience, It's just pulling everywhere now. Just seems like there's just a great pull, just like that, just a moving me. The whole audience is believing. Oh, why didn't you have this faith to begin with?
Now, let's see, you--you and I are--are--are strangers to each other. But our Lord Jesus knows you. Yes, He does. You're suffering with a nervous condition, that's real nervous. You've been getting nervous. It's been bothering you. And then you got something about your side. It's in your side. You have, I believe, been operated on for it. I see two times, you've been. And it doesn't clear up just right. Now, there, that's... But it's going to clear up now, come here just a minute.

E-94 Lord Jesus, I lay hands upon our brother, this demon has bound him. Satan, you've hid from the doctor, but you can't hide from God. Come out of him. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I adjure thee to leave him. God, bless this for his loved one. In the Name of Jesus Christ. I know he will be--be healed, you just put it on. Amen.
Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart.
How do you do. You believe with all your heart? You believe me to be His servant? You're standing for someone else. And that's a person that's--that's real, real nervous. And I see a battle or something another. It's your husband. He's a soldier. And he's like, battle fatigued. He's all tore up, and I see him at a place called, it's Veteran's Administration. And you've come to stand for him, for he's too nervous to come.

E-95 Almighty God, to that man who is worthy of the blessing, I condemn the devil and ask that the man be made well, through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. Don't fear, sister. Have faith; believe with all your heart.
Amen. That's right. Jesus Christ the Son of God lives and reigns today supremely. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Oh, how I love Him.
You believe? We are strange to each other, I suppose. I don't know you. But there's Somebody here with me Who knows you. That's my Friend, the Lord Jesus. He's my Father, my all that I have is He. It's in Him that my faith is built and my trust is. It's in Him. You come to me because me being His servant to help you. You are a Christian. And you're facing an operation. And that's an organ in your body. I see from an examination by the female, that something has dropped down. They was thinking about putting a brace to hold it up, but it--it's a bladder, a dropped, fallen bladder that's fell down. And the doctor's wants to operate for it.

E-96 I see a young lady standing by you; it's your daughter. And she's suffering with a tumor. And that tumor's on the breast. Don't fear, sister. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I condemn the devil and ask for deliverance. Amen.
His great Majesty, the King of eternity, the King of heaven, the King of heavens of heaven, the King of the earth, the King of the saints, the glorious One, the Alpha, Omega, the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, the Morning Star, the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, the great and mighty One stands in the midst of the people tonight to do the exceedingly abundantly.
Rise and adore Him and give Him praise. I now pronounce healing blessing go to every mortal suffering person in this building. And in the Name of Jesus Christ, I charge every devil to leave the people and come out of them...